Steffl – The “Viennese” Brand

The name “Steffl” originates from the St. Stephen‘s Cathedral – it is the nickname the Viennese have given the heart of their city.

The connection to the former empire is expressed by the double-headed eagle in Steffl’s logo

A brand with great heritage

In 1632 Steffl was founded by a Viennese private brewer
In 1900 it was produced by a cooperative brewery of Viennese tavern owners
In 1932 Steffl beer was first brewed as a double malt beer in the style favoured in Munich in a small private brewery in Vienna.
Since 1959 Steffl beer has been brewed at Schwechat Brewery , close to Vienna, founded by Peter Descrolier, the former valet of Emperor Matthias
In 2003 Steffl became an international trademark of Heineken

Steffl today

Steffl represents not only the highest brewing standards but also the Viennese mindset

while knowing how to enjoy life
Modern lifestyle
with a taste of tradition
International mindset
while feeling at home
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